For  over  25  years, it  has been our  pleasure  and  privilege  to serve  and  supply turnkey  plant to our  customers  with   respect  to  Industrial  Machinery  inclusive concrete  machines, egg  tray  manufacturing  machinery, Dairy  and  Milk manufacturing  plant, Pulp  and  Paper  Recycling  plant, Tire  Recycling  plant, Ice cream  plant  and  accessories.

As a Developer and Exporter we at IRRUCA  INC. know the importance of having the  right   products  at  best  possible  prices,  backed   by  extensive  service. We guarantee  our  customers  plant  will be in  operation  with no interruption  what so ever. 

At IRRUCA, the principles of "Sincerity, trustworthiness" are at the foundation of all  aspects  of our  business. We  believe  these  principles  keep  us in  the path of providing  the highest  quality of  product and  services for our customers, setting a proven superior corporate reputation.

Our principles  are defined  as: acting  with Sincerity,  practicing with Integrity, and building customer Credibility. IRRUCA staffs of all levels work under the common vision to strive for continual innovation, improvement, as well as providing the best product  and  services  for  our  customers.  These  visions  and  principles  are  the foundation to corporate sustainability. IRRUCA INC. believes in building business success  by  committing  to  the  success of our customers.  By practicing under the customer  driven  concept,  we  are  able to quickly  grasp the fast changing market demand  and provide value-added services to our customers.  At the same time, we believe it is our duty to act responsibly and with integrity to our customers.

Keeping the promise of "Quality Assurance, Cost Efficiency, Timely Delivery, and Top-notch  Services " IRRUCA,  today,  has become an  important  North America partner  for  global   businesses  as  well  as one of  the  major  industry  players  in the  international   marketplace.
Our key  is  to  align  all  employees  behind  these principles and dedicate to  corporate  sustainability.  As  we are committed to these strategies and vision, IRRUCA is ready to take on any new challenges in this rapid changing environment. 

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