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Hard Disk Drive

Blue screen / critical error

Physical hard drive damage

Drive not spinning / silent drive

Dropped external drive

Damaged flash / usb drive

External drive not detected by OS

Hard drive head transplant

Accidentally deleted data

Lost pictures or important files

Overwritten data / missing data

Email recovery, database repair

Ipod, ipads, usb drive recovery

All kinds of floppy disks / cd / dvd / hard disk / flash

Data backup from all kinds of android tablets


Data Recovery:
We will recover your data.
 If your data is unavailable: $100
 If your data has been erased or formatted: $180

 Remote Access:
We are able to remote your systems securely with ID and Password, set any firewall to allow the connection: $60

Data Recovery :

Data Recovery for the missing files and folders or partitions:

Missing important files? It can be tempting to use a recovery software to get your data back. But consider this: file recovery software with without experienced can for sure do more damage to recovered files. In our experience to File Recovery on the Hard Disk Drive we will let  you know we can recovery all lost and deleted files and folders even delete partition. We deal with disaster data loss scenario and our team can handle with almost every problem knows; from deleted, corrupted, damaged or inaccessible files. Our team at Computer Repair in Toronto can help you diagnose the issue and find the missing bit or byte, to recover the data. contact us at 647-500-5105

Data Recovery :

Laptop Data Recovery in Toronto

The important data on your laptop – emails, any important files like, Pictures, financial data and more . Your data is simply too valuable to be placed in the hands of someone who may cause even more damage.
Computer repair in Toronto, we have over 15 years of experience recovering Desktop & Laptop hard drives.  We can provide you with an estimate at a fair price and provide you with a recovery, usually during one day.
we have an experience with the following brands Laptops and desktop:

Laptops, Notebook, Tablet PCs – Dell, HP, Windows Surface, Compaq, Apple, Mac, IBM, Lenovo, Panasonic, Asus, LG, Toshiba, Sony, Acer, Sharp and others

Physical or software Damage – We can fix any cause of failure whether its data corruption, disk alignment failure, electrical surge, fire, or any natural disasters.

 Disaster Prevention:
In case of Windows issues, software issues, viruses... Be back in business in less than 50minutes:
- You will be able to have it back exactly the way it was initially: $100
- If your data has been erased or corrupted: Recover your data with an Automated Daily Backup system: $80

 Wireless Network:
Wireless network setup: Setup the hardware connections, initialize your modem Login and Password, setup security protocols. $50

On Mills, North York Computer, Mac Repair & Hard drive Recovery onsite PC laptop & Desktop repair.

Computer, Laptop or Mac problem? We repair Mac, PC, laptops, USB drives. We can recover raid, SSD drives, camcorders, SD cards and more.

Services we offer:

  • Mac hardware repair

  • Computer Troubleshooting

  • Retrieve your data

  • Notebook / Laptop related problem

  • Wireless connection problem or setup

  • Home Wired Networking Setup

  • Upgrades like memory or hard disk

  • Antivirus or any other program installation help

  • Software threats like viruses or spyware removal

  • Remote connectivity solutions

  • Mac / Apple computer help

  • Are you getting a MacBook or iMac white screen of death?

  • Laptop screen, power jack related issues

  • Printer repair / help (HP, Lexmark, Samsung, Dell etc.)

  • Recover your important files, photos, documents and other data from dead hard drive / media

  • Fix Keyboard problems

  • Desktop or laptop motherboard Repair & Installation

  • New Email Setup

  • Password Troubleshooting

  • Data retrieval, Copy & transfer to external Media

North York Mac repair and Data Recovery


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