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Flat Rate Diagnostics : Only $100

Find-out exactly what is wrong:
we will come to you, with all the necessary Hardware or Software you need, and provide you with all available options.
Most of the time, if there are no major problems, the computer is repaired during diagnosis.
There are Absolutely No Obligations, No Hidden Fees!

 Windows downgrade:
Downgrade to Windows 7:

Reinstall Windows:

Virus infection:
Remove viruses, worms and spy wares: $80

We protect your Data by backing it up before removing malware and we guarantee a malware free computer upon return.
Configure the computer for the most secure configuration for the internet: $60
Install a firewall, antivirus, spy ware, registry cleaner: $60.

System Tune-up:

Clean and reorganize your computer, check and repair allocation tables, remove bugs and useless files and software, check hardware, clean computer components (fans, heat sink, case...): $80.

 Data Recovery:
We will recover your data.
 If your data is unavailable: $100
 If your data has been erased or formatted: $180
 Remote Access:
We are able to remote your systems securely with ID and Password, set any firewall to allow the connection: $60

 Disaster Prevention:
In case of Windows issues, software issues, viruses... Be back in business in less than 50minutes:
- You will be able to have it back exactly the way it was initially: $100
- If your data has been erased or corrupted: Recover your data with an Automated Daily Backup system: $100

 Wireless Network:
Wireless network setup: Setup the hardware connections, initialize your modem Login and Password, setup security protocols. $50

We can fix any computer / PC problem (home or office) in Richmond Hill. You can also bring it to our place in North York, Richmond Hill, for same day repairs. Or we are available at your place very fast.

Our Mac, PC, computer repair & Help includes!

  • Fast support and help for the computer issue.

  • Fix computers at affordable prices.

  • Laptop repair (all brands/kinds)

  • Computers and laptops from all brands like Toshiba, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, E-Machines, Asus, HP, Sony, Apple, Samsung, Acer, Gateway, generic or custom built computers.

  • Wireless Router Configuration and wireless Internet repair

  • Laptop and Computer Desktop motherboard repair

  • Computer or PC video card replacement and repair

  • We specialize in All Apple products including Mac and Mac Book repair

  • Data fax modem installation / repair / troubleshooting / support

  • Laptop Wireless repair / Internet troubleshooting

  • Computer wired network connection repair

  • Computer repair for sound, heat up, virus, slow or freezing problems

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 RT, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8.1 Enterprise (touch screen) repair and installation

  • Computer Desktop and Laptop Hardware upgrades

  • Software Installation & Setup

  • Computer virus removal

  • Canadian cyber police virus cleaning

  • Spy Ware, Worms, Spam Removal

  • Upgrade windows XP to Vista and Windows 7

  • Wireless Router/Network Security

  • Laptop keyboard repair Help

  • Computer monitor for sale

  • PC Computer power supply replacement and repair

  • Notebook repair

  • LCD screen Replacement

  • Laptop AC adapters or chargers

  • DC Jack / Power jack repair & Replacement

  • Keyboard repair & Installation

  • Motherboard repair & Replacement

  • Email Help & Setup

  • Computer windows registry repair

  • Password Help & Removal

  • We also support operating systems like XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 etc.

  • Data recovery services and data transfer

  • Computer and laptop Hard drive replacement

  • Computer and laptop memory upgrade and replacement

  • Want to repair your Windows XP laptop?

  • PC, Laptop LAN / WAN repair

  • Antivirus install help

  • Hard drive cloning

  • PC power supply replacement

  • PC motherboard replacement

  • Laptop liquid damage repair

  • Laptop no video / no display repair

Computer service Centre North York offers computer repair in North York, Richmond Hill, Toronto area (Lakeshore, Meadowvale, Scarborough, Thornhill, Markham, steels, Don mills, Yonge).

Computer Repair Toronto, North York


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