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A brief note about Diagnostics Fees: Final charges are either for
repairs completed OR for diagnostics (where no repair is done) not both.
You're final charge will be either for the repair only,
OR for the Diagnostics charge only.
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Guiding and Core Value Proposition

Please ensure all passwords are disabled or removed where possible before leaving your device for repair - in order that we are able to fully test your device after the repair has been carried out. 

When accepting your device we will ask whether your password has been removed and to supply it if it has not been.

To help us better serve you, we would be grateful if you would read this document outlining our policies:

The nature of technology being complex, and getting more so, we are mindful of the imperative need to nurture and manage customer trust and relationship.  We are committed at all times to the following practices:

1.   A firm commitment to the belief, “be fair to the customers, while being fair to ourselves”. This adherence is inviolable for us, and we take any questioning of our integrity very personally! And, we're delighted that so far, this approach has delivered superior services to our customers.

2.   A “No Surprises” price policy embedded in up-front estimates before carrying out any repairs.

3.   A commitment to complete repairs quickly, typically within an hour. We share the sense of apprehension and vulnerability people experience when separated from their desktop and laptops. We strive to ensure that a happy device is united with their happy owners in the shortest possible time.

4.   Your devices carry very personal and confidential data and other identity information. We are mindful of this trust and work to ensure the integrity and safety of all your information, while striving to return the repaired solution to your care, ASAP.

5.    We do not subscribe to the belief that “the customer is always right”.

In the domain of technology we have expertise and experience on our side, and users come to us for technical solutions for their wounded and disabled devices.

While we can and will sometimes drop the ball, we can assure you we will do all due diligence in assessing any errors of omission or commission. We will happily offer apologies, and where warranted, refunds and/or rework at no charge to you when we find ourselves culpable.  We have numerous happy customers who have testified to having their their expectations exceeded. 

Trust is a core component in this relationship and we hope you will give us the benefit of doubt when it comes to technical issues.. We urge all our customers to accompany their disabled devices with a generous helping of trust when they bring them to our company.

Diagnostics Fees

Final charges are either for repairs completed OR for diagnostics (where no repair is done) not both.
You're final charge will be either for the repair only, OR for the Diagnostics charge only.

Diagnostics Fees are due in advance (collected at our discretion either before or after the diagnostics efforts) and are refunded (or waived) if the repairs are completed with us.

Desktop Computers and Laptops:....................................................................................................$80.00

Mac and Apple family of Computers and Laptops:………………....…...............................................$100.00           

All other Handheld Devices:............................................................................................................$65.00

Liquid Damage Cleaning Charges:..................................................................................................$90.00

After diagnostics if cost does not exceed $79.95 (before tax) repairs will be completed without authorization.


Laptop and Desktop Computers

The Techknow Space
The process is the same as for the Smartphones, except the diagnostics typically takes up to a day before we call you with a repair estimate. Upon acceptance of our estimates the repairs are typically completed within the same, or the next day. If the estimates are not accepted, we charge a diagnostics fee of $40 for our efforts and time, before returning your laptop/desktop. Typical turnaround time for diagnostics and follow up repairs is less than 8 hours.

Secondary Problems
A typical “secondary problem” for computers: a broken power jack is replaced, and a main board failure is discovered subsequently (we do not repair mainboards – see below). Where, after having completed a repair, we discover a secondary problem which renders the device completely inoperable, we would remove any parts installed to undo the repairs completed (where possible), re-assemble the computer and charge the standard labour cost of the repair for time expended.  Where installed parts cannot be removed the entire approved repair cost will apply (i.e. A usb port is replaced on a Blackberry - discovering, upon charging and powering on the device, that the mainboard has failed (rare but applicable as example).  In this case the USB port cannot be removed and reused and the labour time has been expended.) 

Mainboard Damage

IMPORTANT: We do not repair main boards or mother boards. If you would like to provide us with one, we would be happy to replace your damaged main board and charge you for our labour.

Main boards are typically damaged because of exposure to some form of liquid. Often, a drop or a knock, or power surges, can and will damage main boards. Most of the time there is no feasible way to identify the cause of the damage. When this is the case, we simply re-assemble the device and charge a diagnostics fee of $25 for smartphones and $40 for laptops and desktops.

Where main board problems are discovered as a “secondary problem” (i.e. upon completion of the first repair) the approved cost of the repair will still apply (less any feasibly removable parts we have installed -- the entire labour cost will still apply).

For liquid-damaged devices, we do undertake cleaning of the main board upon customer request. If the main board can be reliably cleaned and we think the device can potentially be saved, we proceed to provide an estimate for repair. No warranties are offered for repairs on a liquid-damaged device.Please read our comments on the subject before bringing the device in.


When shipping Items for repair they must be shipped to us prepaid. 

Please read the entire
shipping policies before sending your item.

We will ship return items via Canada Post Express unless instructed otherwise by the customer.
Return shipping costs are added to the total bill.
We will call you to confirm final bill and arrange payment.
We accept only Visa, MasterCard, money orders, or bank drafts for ship-in repairs.
Out of province customers are exempt from being charged Ontario Sales Tax.


Repairs performed will carry a 60 day warranty on workmanship & replaced parts. 

We charge only after repairs have been completed. We require customers to test their repaired products before paying for the services to ensure that all expected and agreed issues have been addressed and that all after-service warranty requirements are met. Our job is not finished until you are happy with the outcome .

Warranty coverage is limited to issues directly related to the labour and/or parts involved in the services we performed, and does not cover physical damage, or issues arising from product misuse, or peripheral issues arising immediately or afterwards, or any issues arising as a result of cascading failure(i.e. A damaged charging port on a Blackberry is replaced and it is discovered 3 days later that there is a degradation (reduction) in cellular signal strength, or the LCD backlight fails within a few hours). 

Any follow-up repairs will be diagnosed and assessed by our technicians. If our diagnostics indicate that the problems are a result of errors of commission or omission on the part of the customer, or do not directly relate to our already-completed repairs, we will provide you with a repair estimate.

Our diagnostics and estimates will be final and non-negotiable.

Data Responsibility

IMPORTANT: Although we take every effort to safeguard customer data, we will not be liable for data loss under any circumstances – including circumstances arising in association with or as a result of our actions during handling, repair procedure or otherwise.   

It is strongly recommended that you backup all of your important data before bringing products in for servicing.

Devices Pick-up

All devices must be picked up within 30 days after we have called to notify you that the repair has been completed. We will follow up our phone call request with an email after 30 days.

If the phone call and our email remain unacknowledged and the devices are not claimed/picked up, we will proceed to dispose of the device with our recyclers. You will continue to owe us for any and all outstanding charges. 

These terms are subject to change at any time at our sole discretion. 

60 Days Parts and Labor Warranty on all Repairs

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